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Ham and cheese sliders 3
Roast beef and blue cheese sliders 4
Bacon wrapped cheese stuffed mini peppers 4

Kabobs-choice of beef, shrimp or salmon 6

Creole seafood croquettes 3 for 9
Fried Catfish nuggets 4
Sweet and spicy meatballs 3
Smoked chicken wraps 6
Cold veggie/meat/ cheese trays 3


Chef choice Entrees

Fried catfish filets w shrimp and sausage Jambalaya & mix greens 19

Shrimp creole served over white rice and braised cabbage 17
Wood smoked turkey with grilled mac & cheese and green beans 21
BBQ chicken leg quarters with sweet potatoes & lemon pepper asparargus18

Jerk Pork Shoulder Roast with pineapple habanero rice & vinegar slaw 15

Smoked Beef Roast with creamy mushroom orzo pasta & brussels sprouts 22

Fried chicken wings with mix greens and baked macaroni & cheese 15

Greek Mousakka Pasta with ground beef, Eggplant and Greek salad 18

Eggplant Lasagna with Garden Salad $15
Roasted Salmon with Ratatouille and Garlic Mash Potatoes 19
Honey Fried chicken with cornbread waffles and sauté green apples 16


A la Carte Proteins

Crab cake 10
Rib steak 12
Roasted Salmon 9
Shrimp boil (shrimp, red potatoes, smoked sausage & corn medley) 12

Jerk marinated Leg of Lamb 10

Fried fish (whiting or sea trout) 6

BBQ chicken (white or dark meat) 6

Smoked Turkey 10

Whole fried chicken wings 6


A la Carte Side dishes

Beans and rice-(red kidney or spicy pinto) 4
Smashed sweet potato casserole 4
Creole Vegetable Rice Medley 4 w/ chicken& sausage 6
Baked Macaroni & cheese 4
Grilled Macaroni & smoked cheese with chilies, peppers & corn 8

Potato Salad 4
Cole slaw 3
Tomato black bean corn salad 4
Cucumber tomato onion salad 3
Mix Greens & cabbage 3
Whole green beans 3



Peach cobbler 3
Apple cinnamon bread pudding 3

Pound Cake 4
Seasonal specials 


“Buffet style” serving line and all plate wear and utensils included

Additional set up and tear down fee $250.00

Choose from our selection of suggested menu items or schedule a time to meet with SpiceGrill Caterers to personalize your event with your favorite cuisine. 

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