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Taste the Masters of Flavor!

Offering speciality foods since 2008

-   ABOUT US  -

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SpiceGrillcaterers is a family owned and operated food service business. The owners are Lynette and Jeremy Davenport . In 2006, they began cooking together for family and friends. Jeremy has been institution trained with experience in several local restaurants and cafeterias. Lynette comes from a family of cooks and has a variety of southern family recipes.  Together, their passion and desire led them to open the Uptown Spice Grill takeout restaurant in 2008 in uptown Harrisburg. Specializing in Creole soul and international ethnic cuisine. Since the restaurant's closing in 2012, the Davenports have primarily focused on catering. In the summer of 2014, SpiceGrillcaterers introduced the Spicegrillmobile, a mobile kitchen/food trailer designed for concession and outdoor food events.  You can now order some of their specialties for home delivery. Contact SpiceGrillcaterers to cater your private party or vend your next public event!

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